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Made-to-measure luxury menswear clothing - here to stay!
Made-to-measure luxury menswear clothing is here to stay!! The most popular brand for M2M wearing is Raymond. Around 96% of people who can afford will want to try it in the future, among the different styles and variety the most custom made clothing preference is for suites (42%). Most of the people prefer to wear M2M luxury wear as an official wear or for social events (38% and 35% respectively).
MRSI - 26th Annual Market Research Seminar
Today, we are surrounded by extremely rich and multiple data sources yet they necessitate insights and knowledge of consumer, markets and brand performance. Deriving meaningful insights from these sources – and converting knowledge into actionable insights – is easier said than done. Therefore, exists a huge opportunity for any marketer and their Business partners to harness, connect and analyze/interpret these datasets. Market research companies and their insight partners are working/ at work to leverage this opportunity and provide marketers with rich insights. This year’s MRSI seminar explores how recent developments in harnessing big data to draw powerful insights are helping to shape the strategy for marketers.
22 Top Panel Companies - QUIRK's
Internet has made many things in this world easier, including marketing research. When you need to reach a large number of respondents or reach a very specific group of respondents, the best place to find them is online. Online research panels give you the convenience of having pre-screened respondents at your fingertips who are ready and willing to participate in surveys, studies or other types of research. Having these respondents on-hand lets you recruit large groups of participants quickly and easily in a wide variety of industries and specialties, either locally, nationally or globally. Whether a general audience is needed or a niche audience with specific ethnicities, occupations or age groups, this large reach allows you to choose from different types of respondents, from consumers to professionals and experts, to difficult-to-reach or difficult-to-find respondents. Online panels let you target specific respondents, making the research more relevant and personalized. The respondents also benefit from online panels through the ability to respond conveniently on their own time, enabling well-thought-out, specific answers that lead to better survey data. Here are 21 top companies offering online panels and other online research services.